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Other references: The 'matrix' statement [p.16] is from an interview with Peter Brunette and David Wills in Deconstruction in the Visual Arts (above). Derrida's comments on architecture [pp.124-5, 131] were made in interviews with Christopher Norris, Architectural Design, v59 n 1-2, 1989, and Eva Meyer, Domus, v671, Apr 1986. Sarat Maharaj's 'Pop Art's Pharmacies' [p.134] is in Art History v15 n3, 1992, and Fred Orton's 'On being bent "blue" .. ยท [p. 135] in Oxford Art Journal v12 n 1. Gayatri Spivak [pp.168-9] was interviewed for Radical Philosophy, n54, 1990.


The author and designer would like to thank all of the people who contributed to the preparation of this book. Without them, the task would have seemed more difficult and perhaps completely implausible. In particular, Jacques Derrida's generous and careful assistance was much appreciated, at an early and later stage of the production. The designer would like to thank Andrea Levy, Judy Groves and Oscar Zarate for advice and help with research, and David King for permission to use images of Jean Genet and Emma Goldman derived from photos in his archive. Also, thanks to Ian Hooper and Nadina Al Jarrah for the kind loan of photographic equipment.


Jeff Collins trained as a fine artist and studied art history at the University of Leeds. He is currently a lecturer in Art History at the University of Plymouth, and writes and lectures on contemporary culture and critical theory.

Bill Mayblin trained as a graphic designer at the Royal College of Art in London. He is the senior partner in the London-based design practice, Information Design Workshop.

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