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Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon formed his first production company, Green Back Films, in 1976, and worked for Donovan, Pink Floyd, 1 Occ, Squeeze, Rainbow, Joe Cocker, Big Country and Wings. He later joined the creative team at the Central Office of Information, writing and directing for the international TV documentary series This Week in Britain and Living Tomorrow. His work includes an acclaimed series of films for the Royal Air Force, Saving the Children, a television documentary on women who work for children's charities, The Bobby Charlton Story and the series Whatever You Want for Channel Four. In 1995 he made the award-winning television documentary The Colours of Infinity, presented by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, on the discovery of the Mandelbrot set and the development of fractal geometry. It has thus far been broadcast in over a dozen territories worldwide. He has just completed Is God A Number?, a television documentary looking at the mystery of consciousness and some remarkable discoveries that have recently been made in mathematics.

Will Rood was awarded Senior Optime in mathematics by the University of Cambridge, and received his MA there in 1992 for work on transfinite set theory. The previous year he set up the design and software company, SoundNatureVision , producing powerful music and graphics packages for the RISC-OS platform. Programm ing in assembly language, he began to explore the strange and beautiful world of fractals and cellular automata brought to life by his versatile visualization application, !NatureVision. His fractal animations have graced many television documentaries, featuring extensively in Nigel Lesrnoir-Gordon's The Colours of Infinity and Is God a Number? and Channel 4's Equinox, as well as in pop videos by artists as diverse as The Infinity Project, Mike Scott and Star Sounds Orchestra. His artwork adorns numerous magazines, CD sleeves, posters and T-shirts. lnfinit, a visual exploration of fractal geometry, was released on video in 1997. Current posts include Science Editor at Dream Creation magazine, and consultant on Ron Fricke's lmax project, The Infinite Journey.

Ralph Edney is the author of two graphic novels , and illustrator of Philosophy for Beginners. He is also a cartoonist, illustrator and cricket fanatic.


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