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Which Heidegger?

Unsurprisingly, the author "Heidegger" has been read in many different ways. It has often been said, there are many Heideggers.

• A Heidegger of German idealist philosophy, preoccupied with abstruse but fundamental questions of time, death, and the underlying anxiety or Angst of human living ...

• A scholarly Heidegger, "central to European philosophy", intersecting major currents of 20th century thought, interrogating philosophy's "great traditions" ...

• A theological Heidegger, taken to have offered a philosophical foundation for modern Christian thought ...

• ... and some Heideggers who disclaim this: one thoroughly secular, and another of post-theology, responding to the "death of God" while searching out what remains of religious thought in mystic traditions, Eastern religions, etc.


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