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Kant went to school at the Collegium Fridericianum, a private Pietist foundation, between 1732 and 17 40, aided by the family pastor, Franz Albert Schutz, who was also a principal of the school.

!followed a rigorous and austere schooling in grammar and philology, accompanied by a regime of inflexible piety.

We stress above all the felt power of God's grace to transform the believer's life through a conversion of"born again" experience.

In religious controversy, we urge that the aim should be to win over the heart of one's opponent rather than to gain intellectual victory.

Pietism was founded in Germany by Philipp Jakob Spener (1635-1705). The Pietists regarded Christian faith not as a set of doctrinal propositions but as a living relationship with God. For Pietism, the institution of the Lutheran church was considered less important than "the church invisible", whose membership in principle included the whole of humanity.


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