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Latin Grammar

After the Roman conquest of Greece in the mid-2nd century BC, Roman scholars learned of the Greek work, and they began to apply the same analysis to their own language, Latin.

amicus bonus a good friend amici boni of a good friend amico bono to a good friend amicum bonum a good friend (object) amico bono (by/with/from) a good fri end amici boni good friends amicorum bonorum of good friends amicis bonis to good friends amicos bonos good friends (object) amicis bonis (by/with/from) good friends

The Graeco-Latin tradition was ultimate ly synthesized in th e work of th e most influential Roman grammarian, Priscian, who wrote in the 6th century AD. Priscian 's description of Latin is still what we find in most school textbooks of Latin today.


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