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Little Dictionary and Index

Abraham, Karl 22

encourages Klein 26 death 42 on the depressive position 92 Klein consults 25 on "lost objects" 84 aggression 100

envy as a cause of 1 59 paranoid-schizoid position 156 see also death instinct anal retent ion 92

bad objects see part-objects bereavement see mourning, paper on Berlin

Klein moves to 24 Psycho-Analytical Society 36 Bion, Wilfred 135

counter-transference 152 Bloomsbury Set, the 38- 41 breast-feeding ch ild's problems with 124 importance 7 British Psycho-Analytical Society 42, 44,

116 Budapest, move to 13

cancer, Klein suffers from 164 child analysis: Klein developed her own technique tor the full psychoanalysis of children as young as 2 Y; years. It involved g iving the children their own collection of small toys that were figures of people, engines, animals, as well as drawing and other play materials. She talked to them about the anxieties tha t they expressed in their play.

and analysis of adults 63-4 course, teaching 60 disputes 60-6 Ferenczi's support 18 Freud

Anna 64 Sigmund 20 interpreting play 51 - 9 childhood, Klein 4 children analysis of own 19 , 20, 44 denying anatomical differences 34 observing 20, 21 , 32- 3

worries of 50 combined parent figure: in the powerful phantasies of the early Oedipus complex, the infant has terrifying experiences of the parents in intercourse, and in particular the mother containing the father inside her - the penis inside the breast. This phantasy is of a particularly violent and dangerous kind, and is usually in the context of the infant feeling rage at exclusion from the parents' intercourse. 102 con flicts, importance of resolving 91 containing function 152 counter-transfere nce 149, 150-2

see transference for definition creativity, a cause of 105 criminality and projection 115 and schizophrenic condition 130

death fear of 136 of Klein 164 death instinct: though Freud thought the death instinct was silent in the clinical setting, Klein found evidence for it in the aggression in children's play. in the selfdestructive attacks that schizoid and schizophrenic patients make upon their own minds, and in the manifestation of envy as the wish to destroy good things for the sake of it. The death instinct is in conflict with the life instinct, and tha t means a person has to deal with conflict from the beginning. 133-4, 153-5, 157

externalization of 162-3 Segal on 161 depression 1 0, 11

Klein suffering from 85- 6 paper on 96 see also depressive position depressive position: a developmental stage in the first year allows the infant to begin to integrate his objects, which take on both good and bad aspects. In particular, the internalization of objects that attract ambivalent emotions creates a deeply troubling internal world, dominated by various forms of guilt feelings and attempts to repair them. 81 - 93, 103, 110, 137

internal objects 97 pain of 112

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