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provide short, pithy insights into Žižek’s thinking and approach. The Žižek Reader, edited by Elizabeth Wright and Edmond Wright, Blackwell, 1999 also contains a selection of essays by Žižek divided into the topics of Culture, Woman and Philosophy. Another way into Žižek is through the documentaries that have been made about him: Žižek!, directed by Astra Taylor and distributed by Zeitgeist films, was produced in 2005, and The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema, 2006, was directed by Sophie Fiennes and scripted by Žižek (distributed by P. Guide Ltd and ICA Projects (UK)). Numerous videos of Žižek’s lectures and talks are on YouTube and the web, and these are extremely illuminating and engaging. A full bibliography of Žižek’s books as well as articles, compiled by the journal lacanian ink, is at This site also lists some key secondary sources on Žižek. Matthew Sharpe and Geoff Boucher, Žižek and Politics: A Critical Introduction, Edinburgh University Press, 2010 is a well edited textbook outlining different understandings of Žižek’s philosophical development and views.

Author’s acknowledgements I would like to thank all of the people who contributed to the preparation of this book, especially Duncan Heath, Piero, Dr Dean Kenning, Catherine Yass and the Masters students at the Byam Shaw School of Art at Central St Martins. In addition, Slavoj Žižek’s extremely generous assistance in the early stages of the book’s development was greatly appreciated by both Piero and me. I dedicate this book to my daughter, Enna Thea. Extracts from Slavoj Žižek, Looking Awry: An Introduction to Jacques Lacan through Popular Culture, courtesy of MIT Press. Christopher Kul-Want is leader of the Masters in Research in Art Theory and Philosophy course at Central St Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London. His books in Icon’s Introducing series include Introducing Kant (1996), Introducing Aesthetics (2007) and Introducing Continental Philosophy (2012). He is the editor of Philosophers on Art, From Kant to the Postmodernists: A Critical Reader (Columbia University Press, 2010). Piero is an illustrator, artist and graphic designer. He has also illustrated guides to the following subjects in the Introducing series: Aesthetics, Anthropology, Barthes, Capitalism, Nietzsche, Psychiatry and Shakespeare.


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