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Your most unlikely wonderful resource.

But I’m most cute as a rather chaotic being,— Taken, attached; whose only will strikes out For you, to you, leaping.

Euphoric disorder opening for a day? Best offer, and I’m ready;

But then, high massive walls, made out of you, Let me, check me.

* Still preparing the same old kind of lie? Greek obsession lying by, About —— to spring out —— on schedule?

But then, this evening, would you include me? I’m Late, deservedly. But you Are marked this time.——

* Oh, Feeling cakes against my thinking things. But just what no Broodings are found able to explain,

Tomorrow might assuage; When, ends being given over, Cut letters, though they do not quite

Control the finer needs — the delight Never had; the thing never done; the result Today never sent,—


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