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When Saturday Comes No 361 March 2017

The sun sets on Meadow Lane regulars 5 Editorial The be s t way t o ke ep t he FA Cup i nte r e s t i ng i s t o f o c u s T V cove r a ge on sma l l e r c lub s

6 Sidelines Quakers movement; report card for UEFA;

walking pace; Newport’s pitch battle; Scotland’slanguagebarrier

12 Shot! Victory Park lives up to its name for

Chorley against Altrincham

15 Harry Pearson column The t e ch nolog y of moder n boot s s e ems futuristic but it has always been that way

24 Focus on

Derek Hales, Charlton’s “Killer” striker who earned a ruthless reputation in front of goal

He took the club, stripped it to the core, polished it and handed it over to the fans and the town Graham Taylor p16

34 Euro view Va l enc i a ’s ow ne r h a s pu she d t he i r f a n s t o t he limit; there may soon be two Steaua Bucharests and supporters have split opinions

38 World view Colombia’s new professional women’s league is a huge step for the game in South America

40 Books No place like home in Coventry; Johan Cruyff’s bad turn; Best of Clyde; Spain to Scunthorpe

42 Letters There are more football/music crossovers...

46 Season in brief When Manchester Un i t ed nea r l y got r e l eg at ed to the Third Division in 1934 FEATURES 16 Lasting legacy Graham Taylor created a community ethos at

Watford; the England manager didn’t resent all media despite the tabloids’ disgraceful attacks

18 Unfulfilled potential Nile Ranger seems unable to avoid wasting his gifts; Billy Kenny was Everton’s ultimate lost t a l ent , h i s c a r e e r de s t r oyed by co c a i ne

20 Match of the month Notts County enter a new era with hope of avoiding relegation, but local rivals Mansfield are the visitors looking to spoil the day

Paul Thompson

On the old-school gable flies a club flag so frayed it looks like something that Eddie waves on an Iron Maiden cover Notts County v Mansfield Town p20

26 Expansion plans A 48-team World Cup f lies in the face of FIFA

reforms; the Kiwis need to make sure their windfall bears fruit domestically

28 Reaching the Zenit Two Saint Petersburg clubs may soon be challenging their bigger neighbours – one old and full of tradition, the other a young upstart

32 Resistance fighters The r ebr a nd i ng at t empt s at Ca rd i f f a nd Hu l l s e r ve a s a wa r n i ng t o a l l f a n s , but a l s o a ny potential power-hungry owners out there

36 Imaginary play Whether official or run on a spreadsheet,

fantasy football can become an obsession

39 Still with us Gateshead’s complicated history has not halted their ambitions to return to the League

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