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Inside The Wire 397 | March 2017

24 Experimental music from Canada

A new wave of inventive Canadian composers draws on sources from the medieval and microtonal to post-rock and improv. Tim Rutherford-Johnson meets them

The Primer 30 Moroccan trance The hypnotic sounds of North Africa have catalysed underground music both at home and in the West. Marcus Boon presents a user’s guide 36 Áine O’Dwyer Through her sounding of sacred spaces and collaborative projects, the Irish musician moves between the folk traditions and performance art that form her musical heritage. By Robert Barry lters

’D wyer by Jake Wa ine O

C over: Á

ita ig ijano (C anada); D ust-To-D

Ériver H

l/Librar y of C ongress ( Morocco) 4 Masthead 6 Letters 8 Bitstream News and more from under the radar 9 Trip Or Squeek Cartoon strip by Savage Pencil

17 Unofficial Channels Drifter’s Sympathy 42 Charts The Office Ambience and other playlists 89 Out There Festivals, concerts, gigs and club listings

94 Subscribe Print, digital, downloads and CDs

10 Mark Fisher 1968–2017 Sukhdev Sandhu remembers the blogging years of the late Wire contributor Bites 12 Mary Ocher The Berlin based artist offers collage without frontiers. By Claire Sawers 14 Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments Clare Salaman drags Francis Bacon’s utopian music into the present. By Clive Bell

16 ADULT. The Detroit electroshock duo bring it all back home. By Sam Lefebvre Global Ear 18 Seoul and Chuncheon New meets old on the South East Asian improv scene. By Ian-John Hutchinson Invisible Jukebox 20 Alexander Hawkins Will The Wire’s mystery record selection strike a chord with the prolific jazz pianist? Tested by Philip Clark 68 The Inner Sleeve Ben Chasny on Arnold Schoenberg’s playing cards 96 Epiphanies

Wolf Eyes’ Nate Young and John Olson on drugs, skating and spandex

43 Reviews Index

44 Soundcheck New vinyl, CDs, downloads and streams, plus reissues and specialist columns, including: 45 Zeal & Ardor True black metal? By Laina Dawes 47 Children Of Alice Broadcasting act. By Abi Bliss 51 Renaldo & The Loaf (Re)born and bread. By Clive Bell 65 The Moomins Troll with it. By Claire Sawers 67 Lou Reed Dominants and submission. By Philip Clark

69 Print Run New music books: sound art, virtuality and

Sun Ra 72 On Screen New films and DVDs: Vic Rawlings and Jeff

Daniel Silva’s Linefork 73 On Site Recent exhibitions: Notes From The

Underground: Art And Alternative Music In Eastern Europe 1968–1994 74 On Location Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Arthur

Russell’s Tower Of Meaning, Benedict Drew, Ligeti, Comunité, LCMF, and more

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