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16 Charting Regional Influence Southbank Centre, London, considers the impact of Nordic countries through year-long festivities.


18 Documenting Transformation The wayfaring vision of Zofia Rydet is showcased in a revelatory exhibition at Jeu de Paume, Paris.

20 Examining Built Structures Manipulating the phenomenon of light, Nathaniel Rackowe’s sculpture undermines everyday icons.

17 Redressing Form and Space James Casebere emulates the modernist style of Luis Barragán, creating colourful atmospheres.

19 Liberation from Divisions In a time of widespread displacement, YSP tears down boundaries in order to unite practitioners.

21 Multi-Sensory Playgrounds Japanese collective teamLab invites perceptions to be changed through ethereal environments.


24 Integral Topographies Phaidon’s Elemental Living looks to the future of architecture, encompassing disparate landscapes and incorporating naturally occurring forms.

54 Cultural Illumination Commissioned as part of a unique event at the Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania, United Visual Artists translate movement into language.

76 Gestural Frameworks Anna Di Prospero injects bodily expression into the metropolis, mirroring bold shapes of urban locations with suspended acts of performativity.

30 Visual Sanctuaries Reginald Van de Velde’s serene images provide a two-dimensional oasis, seeking to remedy the ever-accelerating state of modern day societies.

42 Youthful Effervescence South Carolina-born Aaron Feaver represents life as mesmerising and vibrant tableaux filled with boundless amounts of energy and bold styling.

60 Illusory Silhouettes Evoking a constructivist aesthetic, interconnected patios realised by Ricardo Bofill utilise geometric shapes to intersect notions of public and private. 70 Dynamic Imagination Contemporary Scandinavian fashion combines tradition and innovation: minimalist tailoring and clean lines reflect the rising need for practicality.

88 Utopian Geographies American photographer J Bennett Fitts analyses industrial surroundings, paying attention to the importance of placement in the dynamic series. 100 Universal Reflections Stockholm, Shanghai and London all play host to design expositions that emphasise a growing consciousness and desire to be sustainable.


132 Prophetic Screenwriting Curzon Artificial Eye’s fascinating biopic Christine unpicks the story of a newscaster who becomes tormented by a developing exposure to media.


136 Norwegian Wanderlust Electro-pop pioneer Anna of the North reveals the importance of identity, using the landscape as a source of cathartic songwriting material.

137 Conceptual Engagements Rebekka Karijord’s new record Mother Tongue is a view into dramatically changing responsibilities and the undeniable influence of altered contexts.


140 Altruistic Collaboration Wayne McGregor’s dance company adapts the 2010 novel Tree of Codes into a multi-textural show, alongside Olafur Eliasson and Jamie xx.

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162 Tomás Saraceno The Argentinian artist demonstrates an ongoing interest in astrophysics, engineering and natural sciences in a new series of floating sculptures.


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