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When Saturday Comes No 362 April 2017

Despair on the Kop at Bramall Lane

REGULARS 5 Editorial Leicester’s impatience with Claudio Ranieri does not detract from his achievements

6 Sidelines Sutton’s cash reward; Exeter in a Tis; Rayo’s easternblock;EastStirlingshire’snewleaseof life; clubs still failing disabled supporters

12 Shot! Welsh team TNS travel north to take on St

Mi r r en i n t he S cot t i sh Cha l l enge Cup

15 Harry Pearson column Even if you can’t make it to a match the comforting signs of football are all around you

24 Focus on

Laurie Cunningham, the forward who went from Orient to Real Madrid via West Brom

Lopsided, high-scoring games abound and the football tends to be relentlessly attacking – and the bar’s open Watching youth matches p32

34 Euro view Jean-Pierre Papin pops in to Auxerre and is swiftly booted out; no love lost between Serbia a nd Kosovo, at bot h c lub a nd FA l e ve l

40 Books Iniesta the artist; Latin American tales; Super

Ted MacDougall; Liverpool’s ups and downs

42 Letters Just one more thing about music and football…

46 Season in brief Japan goes professional as Verdy Kawasaki w i n t he f i r s t J - L e a g ue t i t l e i n 1993

FEATURES 16 Channelling your anger Fan TV has grabbed the attention of the mainstream media but it’s about more than just ludicrous rants and schadenfreude

18 Fading Sun It’s important to keep emphasising the truth about what happened at Hillsborough, and to hold those who don’t to account

19 Protest movement Footba l l e r s he r e s e em r e luc t a nt t o ge t i nvolve d in politics, unlike athletes in the US

20 Match of the month A t op - of - t he - t able c l a sh at B r ama l l L a ne be t ween t wo c lub s w i t h ve r y d i f f e r ent expectations for the season


Hidden among the brick piles, behind the twisted fences, there’s a metaphor for Sheffield United Sheffield United v Scunthorpe United p20

26 Rural retreats King’s Lynn’s new ambition has fans worried;

struggling Wroxham put on the red light

28 Haya power Despite his home country winning AFCON

2017 t he CAF pr e s i dent ’s j ob i s under t h r e at ; a film about Zambia’s return from tragedy

32 Kept in reserve Watching second-string and youth football won’t necessarily mean you see the next stars f i r s t , but i t h a s a c e r t a i n ch a r m a ny way

36 Pitching in The pitchforks are out for groundsmen;

notoriously bad surfaces remembered; sloped stadiums that incline themselves to folklore

39 Whistle while they work S cot l a nd c a n’ t t a ke much pr i de i n t he i r t e ams ’

performances, but their refs are another matter

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