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The Law of Property Act allows both husband and wife to inherit property equally in Britain All women in Britain gain equal voting rights with men Term "Rosie the Riveter" is coined, referring to women employed in American defence industries United Nations drafts conventions on women's rights The Sexual Offences Act in Britain defines rape under specific criteria The first oral contraceptive is developed in the USA US commission on the status of women is created The Pill is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration National Organization for Women Founded in the US The contraceptive pill becomes available in Britain Miss America protest In Britain, female workers at the Ford Plant in Dagenham strike over equal pay, leading to the passing of the Equal Pay Act First Women's Studies programme started at San Diego University The First National Women's Liberation Conference in held in Britain at Ruskin College. The Women's Liberation Movement begins Miss World Competition is interrupted by feminist protesters Ms magazine is founded Spare Rib is founded The Sex Discrimination Act guarantees equal treatment of men and women at work, in education and training (Britain) The Employment Protection Act introduces maternity leave (Britain) The National Abortion Campaign is formed in Britain The First Rape Crisis Centre opens in London The Women's Aid Federation of Northern Ireland is established The Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent is set up The journal Feminist Review is founded The national Black Feminist Conference is held in Britain The first black lesbian conference is held in Britain Prohibition of Female Circumcision Act The Feminist Majority Foundation is created and campaigns for women's education, protection and health Violence Against Women Act passed Northern Ireland's Women's Coalition is founded The US Supreme Court invalidates portions of the Violence Act Against Women, permitting victims of rape, domestic violence, etc. to sue their attackers in a federal court The London Partnerships Register, allowing lesbian and gay individuals and unmarried heterosexual couples to register their partnerships In Britain, Parliament passes measures allowing lesbian and unmarried couples to adopt children The first civil registration of same-sex couples takes place

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