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When modernism met the church, p38

Why side-saddle is freedom, p16

Femme-enfant, p28


3 Leading article 7 Portrait of the Week 9 Diary The doctor reckons

I’m not drinking enough Raymond Briggs 10 Politics Trump’s Syria policy is good news for Britain James Forsyth 11 The Spectator’s Notes

The painter and poet David Jones Charles Moore 14 Matthew Parris Why I admire the Church of England 16 Barometer Cabin fodder, the living wage and chemical weapons 21 Ancient and modern

George ‘Five-jobs’ Osborne 23 Rod Liddle Appropriate force 24 Mary Wakefield Taking on gangs 25 Letters Grauniad Island, tall stories and the downside of side-saddle 26 Any other business Banks are still plagued by mischief and menace Martin Vander Weyer

12 The Benedict Option

By embracing their minority status, Christians can revive their faith Rod Dreher 13 Fleur Adcock

‘Fox-Light’: a poem 15 Putin’s Syria problem

Russia’s president discovers the drawbacks of intervention Owen Matthews 16 Side-saddle is sexy It’s fun, and it looks good

Simon Barnes 18 Is the BBC biased? The question debated

Charles Moore and Nick Robinson 21 Do you know a flake fatale? The ladies who forget to lunch

Cosmo Landerson 22 Trump, the emptiest mind Howard Jacobson on the

US President Tanya Gold


BOOKS 28 Jane Rye

The Surreal Life of Leonora Carrington, by Joanna Moorhead; The Debutante and Other Stories, by Leonora Carrington 30 Ysenda Maxtone Graham

That Was the Midweek That Was, by Libby Purves 32 Stephen Glover

Mail Men, by Adrian Addison 33 David Crane

Resolution, by David Rutland and Emma Ellis 34 Susan Owens

British Art, by Sam Smiles 35 Tiffany Jenkins

Plundered Skulls and Stolen Spirits, by Chip Colwell Oliver Balch

The Village News, by Tom Fort 37 Steven Poole

To Be a Machine, by Mark O’Connell

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