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W&N Literary Fiction HB / ETPB November £14.99 / £12.99 320pp 978 1 474 60479 6 / 978 1 474 60480 2 eBook: £14.99 / 978 1 474 60482 6 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 409 16827 0 / 10 hrs

‘The Boy Made of Snow will take you on a wonderful journey you won’t want to stop’ – Arzu Tahsin, Publishing Director

CHLOë MAYER The Boy Made of Snow

Not all fairy tales have happy endings.

In 1944, in a sleepy English village, Daniel and his emotionally-distant mother, Annabel, remain at home while his father is off fighting a war that seems both omnipresent and very, very far away.

When mother and son befriend Hans, a German PoW stationed on a nearby farm, their lives are suddenly filled with excitement – though the prisoner comes to mean very different things to both of them. To Annabel, he is an awakening from the darkness that has engulfed her since Daniel’s birth. To her son, a solitary boy caught up in the mythical world of fairy tales, he is perhaps a prince in disguise or a magical woodchopper. But Daniel often struggles to tell the difference between fantasy and reality, and Hans has plans to spin a special sort of web to entrap mother and son for his own needs.

• For fans of sadie Jones, Kate atkinson and Helen Dunmore.

Chloë Mayer is a journalist, whose work has been shortlisted for several awards, including newcomer of the year and reporter of the year. She has lived and worked in Tokyo and Los Angeles.

W&N Fiction • November 2017


Location: Hackney, London T: @ThatChloeMayer