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W&N Crime HB / ETPB December £14.99 / £13.99 320pp 978 1 474 60633 2 / 978 1 474 60634 9 eBook: £14.99 / 978 1 474 60636 3 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 409 17230 7 / 9 hrs

ELISA LODATO An Unremarkable Body a big book about a small life.

Katharine is found dead at the foot of the stairs by her thirty-year-old daughter Laura. The medical examiner’s report motivates Laura to write her own version of events, to bear witness to the unbearable blank space between each itemised entry.

What emerges is a series of stories in which Laura attempts to discover how and why her mother died, by piecing her body back together. In doing so, she is forced to confront a woman silenced by her own mother and wronged by her husband. A woman who felt shackled by motherhood and unable to love freely.

• An Unremarkable Body was longlisted for the bath Novel award in 2016.

Elisa lodato studied English at Cambridge. After living in Japan for a few years, she returned to the UK to work for Google. She is now an English teacher.

W&N Literary Fiction HB / ETPB January 2018 / September 2017 £12.99 288pp 978 1 474 60553 3 / 978 1 474 60554 0 eBook: £12.99 / 978 1 474 60556 4 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 409 17041 9 / 10 hrs

RENE DENFELD The Child Finder

Naomi finds missing children, that’s just what she does. The snow girl is waiting to be found.

When the police have given up their search for missing children, and investigations stall, families call Naomi Cottle. She possesses an intuitive sense, born out of her own harrowing experience, which allows her to succeed where others have failed.

Madison Culver has been missing for three years. She vanished on a family trip to the mountainous forests of Oregon, where they’d gone to cut down a Christmas tree.

But Madison’s family believe their daughter isn’t dead. Can Naomi find the child – and also find out why this particular case is stirring the shadows of her own memories?

Rene Denfeld is a death penalty investigator and the author of three non-fiction books, including the international bestseller The New Victorians, and fiction title The Enchanted, a Waterstones Book Club pick.


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W&N Fiction • December 2017 / January 2018