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Orion Fiction Historical Fiction HB / ETPB January 2018 £14.99 / £12.99 364pp 978 1 4091 3995 9/ 978 1 4091 3994 2 eBook: £14.99 / 978 1 4091 3993 5 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 4091 7090 7 / 10 hrs

Kate is a renowned historian who peppers her stories with fascinating snapshots of the wartime world – she writes beautifully and with authenticity.

Orion Fiction • January 2018


The final compelling historical saga concluding a trilogy that began with Storms of War and The Edge of the Fall, from popular TV historian and critically acclaimed author Kate Williams.

Celia de Witt, born into an idyllic and privileged world, is struggling to piece together the shattered fragments of her life following the Great War. Having discovered that her son may still be alive, she ventures to America with her brother in an attempt to track him down. Still reeling from the war and on the brink of the Great Depression, New York is not quite the place that Celia had expected – but amidst this struggling nation, a glimmer of hope remains.

Spanning a decade and the wide passage of the Atlantic, this fascinating story of the de Witt family goes behind the history to show the drama and wonder of early twentieth-century lives in gripping, cinematic fiction which will appeal to fans of Downton Abbey, Atonement and Birdsong.

‘a beautifully conjured family saga. Fans of Downton Abbey will love it’ alison Weir

‘This terrific saga comes with a fascinating twist . . . Williams has a gift for showing how great movements in history affect the lives of people caught up in them’ The Times

Kate Williams is an author, social historian and broadcaster. She is Professor of Public History at the University of Reading, and writes features, reviews and comment pieces for the Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Observer.


Location: London T: @KateWilliamsme