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Gollancz Fantasy TPB November £18.99 608pp 978 0 575 13226 9 eBook: £9.99 / 978 0 575 13228 3

SAM SYKES God’s Last Breath acclaimed author sam sykes returns with the exhilarating conclusion to his bring Down Heaven series.

The great demon Khoth-Kapira has broken free of his prison and taken his first steps upon the mortal world. And he owes it all to Lenk. Believing that the demon will mend a broken world that the gods have ignored, Lenk serves as a reluctant champion to Khoth-Kapira’s cause. But as the desperate and fearful flock to KhothKapira’s banner, begging for salvation, Lenk begins to doubt his patron’s good intentions.

‘insouciant, unrepentant and irrepressible’ Robin Hobb sam sykes began writing his debut novel, Tome of the Undergates (the first book in his Aeon’s Gate trilogy) when he was seventeen.

Gollancz Fantasy HB / TPB November £14.99 / £12.99 400pp 978 1 473 22166 6 / 978 1 473 22167 3 eBook: £7.99 / 978 1 473 22169 7 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 409 17106 5 / 15 hrs

STEPHEN R. DONALDSON Seventh Decimate a magical war. a starving country. a desperate prince. The first volume of The Great God’s War, from the author of the bestselling Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.

The war between Amika and Belleger has raged for generations. Sorcerers from both sides rain destruction down on the battlefield, wielding the six deadly Decimates of fire, earth, wind, water, lightning and pestilence.

Prince Bifalt hopes that Belleger’s new weapons technology, the rifle, will provide a decisive advantage. When Belleger’s sorcerers are mysteriously deprived of their magical abilities he and Elgart, his last comrade, must pursue the long-hidden trail of the one object that might be able to turn the tide of the endless war – a book entitled The Seventh Decimate.

stephen Donaldson was awarded the John W. Campbell Award as Best Writer of the Year for The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant The Unbeliever, which, with the sequel trilogy, became instant bestsellers.


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Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • November 2017


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