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W&N Literary Fiction HB / ETPB August £12.99 320pp 978 1 474 60545 8 / 978 1 474 60546 5 eBook: £12.99 / 978 1 474 60548 9 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 409 16970 3 / 10 hrs

There is a huge global buzz around this book, with rights sold in ten territories.

BRITTA RöSTLUND Waiting for Monsieur Bellivier

For fans of The Little Paris Bookshop, Amélie and The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair, a tale of two mysteries, set in the shadow of Montmartre.

‘Are you waiting for Monsieur Bellivier, madame?’

Helena should of course say no. She doesn’t know the man talking to her, she doesn’t know Monsieur Bellivier. But, bored of life, and sparked by a whim, she says yes.

Mancebo, a Tunisian shopkeeper, lives a quiet and ordered life, manning his grocery on a street leading to the Sacré-Cœur. But one day he is approached by a woman asking whether he will spy on her boyfriend, who lives in the apartment across the street. To his surprise, Mancebo agrees.

Helena and Mancebo don’t know it yet – they haven’t even met – but their missions will overlap in the most surprising ways. And, as they do, we will realise that the City of Light harbours more secrets than its inhabitants and visitors could possibly suspect . . .

• Waiting for Monsieur Bellivier was Norstedts’s 2016 super lead. Norstedts is one of sweden’s largest publishers (their 2015 super lead was The Girl in the Spider’s Web).

britta Röstlund has lived in Paris for fifteen years. She is a freelance journalist covering everything from Paris Fashion Week to French politics.

W&N Fiction • August 2017

Location: Andrésy, France author: