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Seven Dials Gift TPB June £12.99 168pp 978 1 409 17255 0 eBook: £12.99 / 978 1 409 17256 7

Quill London hosted London’s first modern calligraphy workshops in 2014, and Lucy’s classes now sell out months in advance.

LUCY EDMONDS Modern Calligraphy A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering the Art of Creativity a beautiful workbook providing an introduction to modern calligraphy and creative ways to develop your own unique style of lettering.

Lucy Edmonds, founder of Quill London, takes beginners through the first steps of modern calligraphy, encouraging you to spend an hour a week unlocking your creativity and developing the skill.

Offering tips and techniques on the materials required and how to use them properly, Modern Calligraphy reveals how to practice this beautiful art form and develop your own unique lettering style. You’ll learn about inks, how to use a brush, and what you can do with your new-found ability – from addressing envelopes to beautiful dinner party menus and wax seals.

lucy Edmonds is the founder of Quill London and the pioneer of Modern Calligraphy workshops in London. Her contemporary lettering decorates products for M&S, Gucci, Boden, Aesop, Radley and others.



Location: Islington, London f/Quilllondon T: @Quilllondon i: @quilllondon

Seven Dials • June 2017