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Seven Dials Cookery HB October £25.00 272pp 978 1 409 16895 9 eBook: £25.00 / 978 1 409 16896 6

An award-winning, internationally recognised chef with a global media profile, Michel is one of the most established cookbook brands, with sales of over 170K copies.


Michel Roux Jr’s trademark French elegance and style takes readers on an epicurean adventure, with recipes that use the whole beast.

‘Don’t be afraid of offal. Some of the greatest of all French classics involve organ meats such as brains and sweetbreads.’ Michel Roux Jr

Michel Roux Jr, two-star Michelin chef, passionately believes that we are missing out. At a time when food shortage is a global concern, health fears over processed meat are making headlines and the cost of living is higher than ever, he can’t understand our reluctance to utilise every part of an animal’s carcass. Brains, organs, intestines, hooves – items that are traditionally viewed with distaste in our society – are an integral part of French and world cuisine.

The celebrated chef hopes to change the way we think about offal and demonstrate that, with a little time and effort, it can be used to produce enticing and delicious food to impress friends and feed families.

The book contains recipes ranging from the simple sweetbreads Michel’s mother fed him as a child, to more adventurous dishes in the style served at his award-winning restaurants.

Michel Roux Jr worked for two years at the Elysée Palace before posts at La Tante Claire and the Mandarin in Hong Kong. Last year he celebrated 25 years of running Le Gavroche, the world famous two Michelin star restaurant founded by his father and uncle, now in its fiftieth year.



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Seven Dials • October 2017