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Orion Spring Gift HB October £6.99 128pp 978 1 409 17261 1 eBook: £6.99 / 978 1 409 17262 8

The book will be published ahead of World Kindness Day 2017, celebrated on the 13th November.

BERNADETTE RUSSELL The Little Book of Kindness Everyday actions to change your life and the world around you a thoughtful exploration into the theme of kindness and its proven benefits, with practical suggestions for being kind in every area of our lives.

Bernadette Russell started a blog called 366 Days of Kindness in 2011, detailing her attempt to be kind to a stranger every day for one year. The Little Book of Kindness draws on Bernadette’s own experience of embracing daily kindness, beginning with an exploration into what kindness means and its proven benefits (from healthier hearts to slowing the ageing process).

The Little Book of Kindness shows that kindness is a way of connecting with the people we pass in our daily lives and in the world around us. The book provides practical tips and exercises for the reader to ‘be kind’ whether to those you love, online, to strangers, to the environment and even to people you disagree with.

bernadette Russell’s blog 366 Days Of Kindness detailed her attempt to be kind every day to a stranger. The project gained support from the Dalai Lama’s organisation, Action for Happiness. The author also writes a weekly Kindness column in Balance magazine reaching over 200k people.



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Orion Spring • October 2017