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News 6 Week in review A guide to the past seven days 8 Home news 12 World news 16 News focus Syria’s Christians face an ugly moral dilemma

Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI on his 90th birthday p25

Comment & features 19 Melissa Kite For Lent, I gave up the news. The results were revelatory 20 Cover Story Ideology and economics threaten the family, says David Goodhart. Time for reform 22 Stephen Yates Why theologians disagree about what happens after death 23 Ann Widdecombe The media failed the sick and housebound on Good Friday 24 Quentin de la Bedoyere How a mnemonic can help us deal with personal problems 25 Fr Raymond de Souza The Ratzinger Revolution has already begun in biblical studies 26 Roy Hattersley The author tells Michael Duggan why Catholics fascinate him 28 Mary Kenny Prince Harry’s courage reminds us of the need for mourning

Hardened atheist Roy Hattersley is impressed by Catholics p26

George Weigel on John Paul II’s newly-published writings p34

Back pages 29 Letters & emails The Irish Church’s strength; Pius XII in a post-truth world 31 Arts Desmond O’Grady on Peter and Paul’s presence in Rome 34 Books George Weigel reads the story of an extraordinary soul 39 Spiritual life Pastor Iuventus critiques sloppy thinking about Easter 40 Catholic Life 42 Bishops’ engagements 43 Crossword 44 Charterhouse Andrew M Brown asks why gender politics won’t go away 47 The Last Word Fr Ronald Rolheiser on the 500 years which divide Catholics from Protestants Cover: Christian Adams

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