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When Saturday Comes No 364 June 2017

Leyton Orient prepare for the inevitable

REGULARS 5 Editorial Kelvin MacKenzie’s Ross Barkley column was a calculated attack on the Sun’s biggest critics 6 Sidelines Football League ticket prices; Rotherham’s planning objections; Clyde’s controversial new signing; Kingstonian forced out; World Cup puts foosball on the table 12 Shot! Keswick welcome Kendal to their picturesque

Fitz Park stadium in the Lake District 15 Harry Pearson column Sometimes it seems like spectators are watch i ng a t ot a l l y d i f f e r ent g ame 24 Focus on Rodney Marsh, QPR’s talismanic striker

Most of my friends were Arsenal or Spurs fans, so I was something of a curio: a supporter of a lower-league club Lower-league fans p26

34 Euro view Anger in France after Bastia fans attack Lyon players; tempers boiling over in Portugal 37 World view Argentinian league searches for stability 40 Books Ipswich’s Dutch masters; following the money;

discovering Bob Paisley; fountain of youth 42 Letters Spea k i ng of p i t che s w i t h l a r ge s lop e s …

46 Season in brief S l av i a P r a g ue w i n t he f i n a l Czechoslov a k

First League before 1948’s Communist coup FEATURES 16 Bomb deal Forcing Dortmund to play so soon after their bu s wa s at t ac ked r i ske d pl aye r s ’ ment a l hea l t h 17 Seagulls soaring Brighton are back in the top tier, 20 years after nearly dropping out of the Football League 18 Match of the month Leyton Orient fans are in the mood to protest,

while Hartlepool have their own worries 22 Ladies are waiting The Republic of Ireland women’s team give their FA a wake-up call; being in a minority is standard for females in the football industry, and that comes with plenty of problems


Brisbane Road is crackling today. Chants of “Stand up for the Orient” are interspersed with “Becchetti out” Leyton Orient v Hartlepool United p18

26 View from below Being a supporter of a lower-league team puts you in the unique position of being both “authentic”andpatronised;thealarminglack of perspective among Cambridge United fans 29 Motivational speeches As José Mourinho showed with Luke Shaw,

manager s r eg u l a r l y de c i de t o ch a s t i s e t he i r own players. But it doesn’t always work out 32 Bench press Outfield players going in goal is one of football’s great joys – why would they take it away?; i nc r e a s i ng t he number of s ubs t i t ute s only makes the game more unequal 38 Working together Two new clubs in Cheshire who are rivals on t he p i t ch h ave be en co - ope r at i ng of f i t , t o g r e at effect; Warrington Town are struggling to shake off the Wolves at their door

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