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Confess the worst. Impress the best. Eliminate uncertainty. Beware of imitations. Try our newest recipe, with added salt and colours. The men in uniform will be arriving soon. Prepare your feather bedding and vaginas to accommodate their pungent manliness. The port is under observation. Nobody escapes. Unless the fugitives are handed over, with their automatic weapons and their secret maps. Don’t be deceived by these avuncular expressions: the situation couldn’t be more serious. To disobey would be to put yourselves at risk of worse than mere detention. Rumour visits the abandoned quarry near the commandeered hotel.


Another gorgeous day of commerce, education, ambition, hedonism, playground bullying, religious doubt, erotic complication, envy, deliberate evasion, usury, mistaken identity, extortion, laughter, tit for tat, refusal of the sacraments, recrimination, hasty alliances, dyspepsia and beer. Another gloomy night of pewter candlesticks, those leisurely repentances that occupy the conscious mind for longer than it takes to lose your memory, those cramps of the embarrassment that comes with self-awareness, those imagined ghosts and realistic nightmares, those beginners in the wall-of-death of passion, and those sleepy brides.


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