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Part II: Acres



Arguing with Malarchy



Old Man Advises Malarchy on the Contents of the Will 61 Old Man Describes to Malarchy his Coming of Age 62 Old Man Argues with Malarchy about Certainty 63 Old Man Informs Malarchy of the Effects of Sound 64 Old Man Complains to Malarchy about Maths 64 Old Man Instructs Malarchy on How to Pray 65 Old Man Muses to Malarchy on a Sleepless Night 66 Old Man Speaks to Malarchy of Defeat 67 Old Man Reveals to Malarchy the Art of Flying 67 Old Man Disagrees with Malarchy about Age 68 Old Man Asks Malarchy about Truth 69 The Desert Chronicles 71 The Naming of Ages 76 debut 77 Travelling with Chickens (I) 78 Waiting for Cure 79 Travelling with Chickens (II) 80 Extending the Pond 81 full of everything else but itself 82

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