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The Agenda


‘The danger is that the global problems seem so big that charity doesn’t just begin at home, it ends at home’ David Miliband p42

May/ June 2017

the agenda 28 Shot before dawn Spear’s goes out and about town

12 Editor’s Leter

14 From the Founder 16 The Spear’s leaders

Brexit blast-off ❘ Miliband’s challenge ❘ In Liz we don’t Truss

20 Readers’ leters

22 Diary

John Walsh reports from the Hyderabad Concours d’Elegance

24 The hedgehog

Our spiky columnist investigates the HNW world. Edited by Christopher Silvester

26 The Giver & the Gift

With a generous donor and Natalia Vodianova of the Naked Heart Foundation

30 cosmos

News, events and trends from around the HNW world

32 Liquid lunch

With the journalist and City historian Iain Martin. Interview by Sophie McIntyre

35 Robert Amsterdam

How cyber war is changing the security landscape for all, including HNWs

36 sam leith

Why freezing your assets is an increasingly attractive option

37 Ceris gardner

New probate fees are a stealth tax that need to be reconsidered

38 Guy monson

The search for growth and optimism in the populist world



the issues

42 Time for the rich to step up and step in

Globalisation has left us unstable, unequal and insecure, David Miliband tells Alec Marsh

48 In the name of the people

A Prince’s Trust-style charity is giving ailing Greece a lift by supporting its entrepreneurs. By Christopher Silvester

54 the long haul to a fast buck Gareth Herincx meets Alex Prindiville, who’s made a career of fulfilling petrolheads’ dreams

58 who’s the smartest of them al?

TAG Heuer’s smartwatch isn’t competing with Apple’s, the brand’s boss tells John Arlidge



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