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The Ecologist The Ecologist Vol. 10 Nos. 6/7 July/Aug/Sept 1980

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Edward Goldsmith Preparing for the Collapse 186

comments on the last ten years, the present and the future Robert Allen How to Save the World 190

The thoughts underlying IUCN's World Conservation Strategy

Michael Allaby Malthus Reinterred 195

Development is after all the only answer to world poverty

Andrew MacKillop Reaction against Alternative Energy 200

Alternative energy for the Third World, a conspiracy to permit the West to have all the oil

Nicholas Hildyard Laying Optimism to Rest 203

Things are too far gone to prevent socio-economic breakdown

Peter Bunyard Where Do We Go From Here? 208

Three new books serve to confirm that the only real answer to the energy crisis is to use less energy

Jimoh Omo-Fadaka Ethnic Diversity or Mono-Culturalism 212

If peace is to return to Africa, State frontiers must be changed to reflect ethnic realities

Lawrence Hills Ten Years Ago — Twenty To Go 214

The Ecologist, its achievements and its role in an uncertain future

Sam Love Rethinking Tomorrow 218

The extravagant predictions of our techno-maniacs are not materialising

Nicholas Gould Gulliver in Automobilia 223

In which Gulliver describes the folly of the Automobilians

Replacing the scientific world View Robert Waller Scientific Materialism 224

Once we have rejected the world view of 'scientific materialism' real 'human progress' will be possible

Vince Taylor Subjectivity and Science 230

Scientific method based on the accumulation of quantitative data does not permit the understanding of complex world processes.

Edward Goldsmith The Ecology of Health w 235

To improve a nation's health can only be done by creating social and ecological conditions that most favour it. To do this means changing the course on which our society is set.


Nicholas Kollerstrom The Lawther Report: Whitewashing leaded petrol 246

Dr Roger Thomas 2,4,5-T cover-up by the MAAF 249

Gareth War dell Dr Alan Williams

ECOpolitics Peter Wood The Greens in Germany 251

Nupe against Nuke Books Cover photo by Terry Why Cover design by Mike Frost

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