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o Make Various Sorts of Black

According to The Craftsman’s Handbook, chapter XXXVII “Il Libro dell’ Arte” by Cennino d ’Andrea Cennini ‌ who tells us there are several kinds of black colours. First, there is a black derived from soft black stone. It is a fat colour; not hard at heart, a stone unctioned. ‌ Then there is a black that is obtained from vine twigs. Twigs that choose to abide on the true vine offering up their bodies at the last to be burned, ‌ then quenched and worked up, they can live again as twig of the vine black; not a fat, more of a lean colour, favoured alike by vinedressers and artists. ‌ There is also the black that is scraped from burnt shells. Markers of Atlantic’s graves. Black of scorched earth, of torched stones of peach; twisted trees that bore strange fruit. ‌ And then there is the black that is the source of light from a lamp full of oil such as any thoughtful guest waiting for bride and groom who cometh will have. ‌ A lamp you light and place underneath – not a bushel – but a good clean everyday dish that is fit for baking. Now bring the little flame of the lamp up to the under ‌


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