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Contents July/August 2017

Makers & making

10-14 A voyage of discovery We visit our cover star Kyra Cane in her studio to hear about the relationship between the landscape, drawing and her ceramics, and to explore her evolving practises

19-23 Emotional metaphors Reflecting on ceramic artist Claire Curneen’s work, influences and her recent award-winning porcelain sculptural assemblage, Tending the Fires

24-27 Ceramics Ireland 40 years on Ahead of a new exhibition showcasing the best of Irish ceramics, we look back at Ceramics Ireland’s history and achievements over the last 40 years

32-35 Picasso connoisseurs Exploring Lord and Lady Attenborough’s collection of ceramics by Pablo Picasso ahead of an exhibition at the Centre of Ceramic Art in York this summer

38-42 Purposeful uncertainty Catherine Roche investigates artist Anne Gibbs’ mixed media processes and her fascination with visual ambiguity

44-47 The keeper of our ceramic heritage We interview Moira Vincentelli, who has spent her career championing ceramics, women’s rights and arts education

49-51 Ceramic celebration We look forward to the International Ceramics Festival in Aberystwyth this summer and celebrate its 30-year history

52-56 A place of one’s own From a life of finance and funerals to a blossoming career as a potter: Katherine Caddy uncovers Pip Wilcox’s journey

58-62 Riding on clay horses Horse-obsessed ceramic artist Gareth Nash explains the historical significance of clay horses to various cultures



2 Ceramic Review | July/August 2017

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