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with andante travels antiquity is just a footstep away...

Enjoy being far from the madding crowd with private viewings and special access to some of the world’s greatest cultural treasures. Andante Travels takes you back in time to the classical civilisations of Ancient Europe, and beyond. Come and journey with us through the ages, from prehistoric cave art to the Mediterranean mountains.

pompeii Gain deeper insight into Roman life at the iconic sites of Pompeii & Herculaneum.

Throughout 2017 | £1,895

classical sicily Beautiful bays, ruinous ancient cities and honey coloured columns set against blue skies.

Throughout 2017 | £2,675

crete & santorini Discover elegant sites, wild-flowers, and warm Mediterranean waters. Throughout 2017 | £2,450

dordogne cave art Get as close as is possible to the lives of our remotest (and artistic) Ice-Age ancestors. June & Sept 2017 | £2,495

roman lusitania Explore superb prehistoric and medieval sites across Spain and Portugal. 3rd - 10th Sept, 2017 | £2,250

the peloponnese An odyssey through the great sites of Ancient Greece, from Bronze Age to Classical glory. 4th - 15th Sept 2017 | £2,695

wild thrace Byzantine, Medieval, and Ottoman monuments, and the richest cultural heritage. 5th - 13th Sept, 2017 | £2,395

wessex weekend Explore a landscape of rites and ritual – and venture inside the sacred stones of Stonehenge. 8th - 10th Sept, 2017 | £595

via Egnatia Take in the vast patchwork of Albanian, Macedonian and

Balkan cultures. 8th - 16th Oct 2017 | £2,495

tanzania & zanzibar Safari through rich and varied history – including the world famous Olduvai Gorge. 8th - 22nd Sept, 2017 | £5,995

rock art of portugal A rare opportunity to leave the tourists behind and visit sites in unspoiled countryside. 11th - 17th Sept, 2017 | £2,095

rome & sistine chapel Enjoy a private viewing of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s

Renaissance masterpiece. 18th - 23rd Sept, 2017 | £2,400

~ small groups | fully-inclusive | expert-led | special access ~

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