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OIL&GAS Newpower generation

SouthAfrica Tailor-made growth

Nigeria Sanusi’s revival plan

N° 81•JUNE 2016

Innovative Africa

Leapfrogging the obstacles, anew wave of entrepreneursisspurring growth


Algeria 550 DA•Angola 600 Kwanza• Austria4.90€•Belgium 4.90€• Canada6.95 CAN$•Denmark 60 DK•Ethiopia75Birr•France 4.90€•Germany4.90€•Ghana8 GH¢•Italy 4.90€•Kenya 410 shillings•Liberia $LD300•Morocco 40 DH•Netherlands 4.90€•Nigeria 600naira•Norway 60 NK•Portugal 4.90€• Sierra Leone LE 12,000•SouthAfrica 40 rand (tax incl.)•Spain 4.90€•Switzerland 9.90 FS •Tanzania9,000 shillings Tunisia 5.4 DT•Uganda 9,000shillings•UK£4.50•United States US$ 6.95•Zambia 30 ZMW•Zimbabwe US$ 4•CFA Countries 3,000F CFA



/s sundAy Ag hA ez e/ Ap





/Afp phoTo fA deL sennA


iTs cover cre d

4 Editorial

Will theUNsaveusfromhell? 6lEttErs 8thE QuEstion

Briefing 10 signposts 12 intErnational 14 pEoplE 16 obituary

Papa Wemba 18 calEndar 20 opinion frontLine 22 succEss!

Innovative Africa In health, education, technology and more, thecontinent is leapfrogging barrierstocompete on theworld stage poLitics 30 northErn nigEria

Beginningtorebuild Makingthe regions ravaged by BokoHaram whole again 36 mozambiQuE

Atangled webofdebt 38 somalia

Seekingstability in election season 45 south africa

Thedivision of labour 46 uganda

Besigye’sgamble 46 libya

Terms of engagement 47 anansi countryfocus 49 camEroon

Stayingpower At 83,President Paul Biya showslittlesignofstepping down,but some younger voices arebeing heard the africa report • n° 81 • june 2016


TheAfricAreporT #81-june2016

FREE with this issue: an invesTingsupplementoncôted’ivoire. nottobesold separately






Business 62 south africa

Atailor-maderebound Thetextile industryisbouncing back andcreating jobs thanks toacombination of smart government intervention andentrepreneurial tenacity 68 tElEcoms

Skypenomore 70 lEadErs

Vuyani Jarana, Chiefofficer, Enterprise Business Unit, Vodacom 72 financE

Kenyabanks:Breakingbad 73 hannibal dossiEr:oil&gas 74 Gasfuels growth

Mozambique andTanzania have been hard hit by lowgas pricesbut thenew market conditionsare driving investorstolook closer to home fornew customers andbusiness opportunities 78 nigEria

Plugging theleaks 80 Egypt


Art& Life 82 rolE modEls

Adream deferred It’s nevereasytochange career midstream,but threeKenyan women explain howtheymade thedecision to make thebold step andfollowtheir dreams 86 music

Fightthe power 88 lifEstylE

Twittertrends and Behind theSceneswithLadyJaydee 89 travEl

Grape goodness among theWestern Cape vineyards 90 dayinthE lifE

Malianmidwife Hadjaratou Traore

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