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Contents January 2016



22 COVER FEATURE Call of the wild Alejandro González Iñárritu talks to Edward Lawrenson about how his decision to shoot his gripping true-tale revenge western The Revenant, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, in sub-zero conditions in the Canadian wilderness turned the film’s production into a feat of Herzogian endurance

28 Treasures from the deep A series of tales inspired by lost or abandoned films from cinema history are stitched into an elaborate mosaic in Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson’s ‘ectoplasmic splooge’ of a movie The Forbidden Room. Adam Nayman talks to the film’s directors


Queen of hearts Nora Ephron made films that helped define the modern romcom, as well as forging a confessional intimacy that influenced a generation of female comics. By Hannah McGill


5 Editorial In memoriam

Rushes 6 In the frame: Jez Stewart takes the pulse of the UK’s animation industry 8 Object Lesson: Hannah McGill listens out for bells in the movies 9 The Five Key: films about sisters 11 Online: Simran Hans talks to Cecile

Emeke about her singular body of work 13 Dispatches: Mark Cousins explores some intriguing parallels between Doctor Who and James Bond

The Industry 14 Development Tale: Charles Gant on the low-budget British drama Radiator 15 The Numbers: Charles Gant reports on the box-office success of Brooklyn 16 Brewster: Ben Roberts considers how to get younger viewers to be more adventurous in their cinema choices

Obituary 18 Penelope Houston

Wide Angle 60 Profile: Ashley Clark on the films of the

Ethiopian-born, US-based Haile Gerima 62 Soundings: Sam Davies looks at the work of Haitian photographer and documentarian Leah Gordon 63 Primal Screen: Geoff Brown explores the early years of the talkies in Britain 64 Artists Moving Image: Neil Young celebrates Peter Tscherkassky’s tiny, exquisitely crafted films 65 Festival: Giovanni Vimercati reports from DocLisboa

111 Letters

Endings 112 Adam Batty ponders the enigmatic final exchange in Godard’s Breathless

32 Love in a cold climate Nick James talks to Terence Davies about his lush adaptation of the classic 1930s novel Sunset Song, which tells the story of a farming family’s hardscrabble existence in Scotland in the years leading up to World War I

36 Fight the power In a series of taut dramas and combative documentaries the Haitian director Raoul Peck has taken aim at everything from the class system and the iniquities of capitalism to the brutal injustices of history and the bureaucratic failures of international aid. By Ashley Clark

46 FILMS OF THE YEAR: 2015 The ballots are in for our poll of the best films of 2015, voted for by 168 critics. Nick James introduces the results and asks what they say about the year’s cinema PLUS Pamela Hutchinson looks at what 2015 had to offer lovers of silent and archive films, Nick Pinkerton surveys the year’s action movies, Nick Roddick examines how new platforms affected the landscape of film distribution this year, and Jemma Desai and David Edgar consider how questions of representation and identity informed much of the year’s most urgent and important critical discourse

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