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Paul Carr The Kings of the Road Club

What happens when you stop worrying about where you live and start concentrating on how you live Failed entrepreneur, struggling journalist and confirmed loser Paul Carr somehow managed to blag his way into a suite in one of Manhattan’s coolest hotels, and set about gaining access to the city’s most exclusive parties and events. Less than six months later, Paul has created a global lifestyle, with its own set of guiding principles. Former Guardian media columnist Paul Carr has founded numerous businesses with varying degrees of failure. He is the author of Bringing Nothing to the Party.

Biography Trade Paperback July £12.99 256pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 297 85929 1 Markets: World XUSA USA & Translation: United Agents Serial: W&N

Peter Watson The Great Divide History and Human Nature in the Old World and the New

The rise and fall of the great civilisations and what this meant for mankind For 15,000 years mankind existed on both hemispheres of the planet but with no contact between them. Radically different civilisations produced startlingly different mind-sets and cultures.The Great Divide is the first book to reveal just what was lost in the clash of civilisations that ended thousands of years of separate development. Peter Watson is the author of thirteen books, including the acclaimed Ideas, and has presented several TV programmes about the arts.

History Cased July £25.00 800pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 297 84558 4 Markets: World XUSAC USA, Translation: Andrew Nurnberg Serial: W&N 23

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