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Charlie Huston Sleepless

A blisteringly powerful thriller set in a Los Angeles ravaged by a plague of sleeplessness When a plague of sleeplessness attacks Los Angeles and the world beyond, LAPD cop Parker T. Haas’ cast-iron sense of right and wrong is tested to destruction. As Haas negotiates the increasingly chaotic and dangerous world of a city slowly going mad, he crosses the path of a fanatically amoral hired killer. Parker must figure out how to save his wife Rose – herself a victim of the disease – and their newborn baby, whose uncertain future is coming into being before their eyes. Charlie Huston lives in Los Angeles with his wife, the actress Virginia Louise Smith. www .pulpnoir .com

Fiction Cased/Trade Paperback (export only) April/January £12.99/£12.99 400pp 234 x 153mm 978 1 4091 1499 4/978 1 4091 1500 7 Markets: World XUSAC USA: Random House; Translation: Writers House Serial: Orion



irley Brad



Alan Bradley The Weed That Strings the Hangman’s Bag

The delightfully dark second volume in the acclaimed Flavia de Luce mystery series When a travelling puppet show arrives in Bishop’s Lacey, a dark shadow is cast over the sleepy English village. First, a grisly murder takes place during a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk in the village hall and then an earlier, even nastier crime is revealed. For eleven-year-old Flavia, undoing the complex knot that ties these strands together will test her precocious powers of deduction to the limit. Alan Bradley is the author of the first Flavia de Luce mystery, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. He lives in southern Europe.

Fiction Cased/Trade Paperback (export only) April £12.99/£12.99 304pp 216 x 135mm/234 x 153mm 978 0 7528 9713 4/978 0 7528 9714 1 Markets: World XUSAC USA: Bantam; Translation: Denise Bukowski; Serial: Orion

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