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Jack Vance The Complete Lyonesse Suldrun’s Garden, The Green Pearl, Madouc

Jack Vance’s masterpiece of fantasy, here in one gorgeous volume Jack Vance is one of the all-time great writers of fantasy fiction, and this edition compiles, for the first time, his tales of The Elder Isles. They are here in all their glory, strange beauty and arcane magic, including Madouc, the novel which won the World Fantasy Award. With an Afterword by Adam Roberts and beautiful illustrations by Les Edwards, this is a musthave collection. Jack Vance started submitting stories to the pulp magazines in the mid 1940s and published his first book,The Dying Earth, in 1950. He lives in Oakland, California.

Fantasy Cased/Trade Paperback (export only) January £20.00/£14.99 904pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 575 09024 8/978 0 575 09025 5 Markets: World USA & Translation: Ralph Vicinanza Serial: Orion


Jacqueline Carey Naamah’s Kiss

An epic fantasy tale of gifts and destiny Moirin possesses gifts: the ability to summon the twilight and conceal herself, the skill to coax plants to quicken. But she has an unknown destiny, one that lies somewhere beyond the ocean. And that destiny promises both pleasure and pain as she must face an ambitious mage, a noble warrior princess and the spirit of a dragon. Jacqueline Carey’s novel is a beautifully written and unputdownable read, with a cast of memorable characters. Jacqueline Carey is an award-winning author of historical and epic fantasy. She lives in Michigan, USA.

Fantasy Cased/Trade Paperback January £18.99/£14.99 576pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 575 09356 0/978 0 575 09357 7 Markets: World XUSAC USA & Translation: Grand Central; Serial: Orion

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