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Stephen Baxter Stone Spring

The powerful story of one prehistoric girl’s bid to change her future, and the future of our world Stephen Baxter is an expert in embedding human stories into the grandest sweeps of history and the most mind-blowing of concepts. Stone Spring begins in 8,000 BC with an idea that will change the geography and future of the world. The series ends in 1500 in a world that never saw the Roman Empire, Christianity or Islam. It is an eye-opening look at what history could have been and an inspiring tale of how we control our future. Stephen Baxter has won major awards in the UK, US, Germany, and Japan. Born in 1957, he lives in Morpeth, Northumberland with his wife.

Science Fiction Cased/Trade Paperback May £18.99/£12.99 464pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 575 08918 1/978 0 575 08919 8 Markets: World XUSAC USA, Translation & Serial: Orion


Tony Gonzales Dust

The newest space opera adventure from the universe of EVE Online, bringing the action onto the planet surface Individuals across planets and galaxies are thrown together in this high tech military SF novel, set in the universe of the hugely popular online game. This is a fast-moving action-packed novel of interstellar war and immortal soldiers. Tony Gonzales is the author of two EVE Online novellas and an EVE Online novel. He lives in New Jersey, USA.

Science Fiction Cased/Trade Paperback (export only) June £12.99/£12.99 400pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 575 09020 0/978 0 575 09021 7 Markets: World XUSA USA: Tor Books Translation & Serial: Orion

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