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Richard Morgan The Dark Commands

The king of noir SF is taking on Fantasy, and winning! Ringil, Egar and Archeth are back. In a world still cursed by slavery, a corrupt aristocracy and a vicious church, justice is in short supply. In this sequel to The Steel Remains Richard Morgan brings his trademark visceral writing style, turbo-driven plotting and thoughtprovoking characterisation to the fantasy genre, producing a follow-up to his first foray into fantasy, and taking Ringil and Co. on the beginnings of a hopeless quest. Richard Morgan has had two of his books optioned in Hollywood, and has won both the Philip K. Dick and Arthur C. Clarke Awards. He lives in Glasgow.

Fantasy Cased/Trade Paperback (export only) July £14.99/£12.99 448pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 575 07793 5/978 0 575 08487 2 Markets: World USA: Del Rey; Translation & Serial: Orion


Greg Egan Zendegi

Greg Egan’s multilayered new novel Greg Egan is one of SF’s great ideas men, but with Zendegi he has done something completely different: a near-future SF novel that deals graphically and movingly with loss and hope and science and politics and human endeavour. Greg Egan is a winner of the John W. Campbell Award. He lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Science Fiction Cased/Trade Paperback July £18.99/£14.99 352pp 234 x 153mm 978 0 575 08617 3/978 0 575 08618 0 Markets: World XUSAC USA & Translation: Curtis Brown Literary Agency Serial: Orion

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