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Kevin McCloud Kevin McCloud’s Grand Tour of Europe

An illustrated exploration of the high life – and the low life – of the Grand Tour The Grand Tour was for 200 years a rite of passage for young, rich and aristocratic gentlemen. It was also a cultural journey that changed the face of Britain. Following in the footsteps of the most notorious and the most inspired Grand Tourists, Kevin takes in the architectural marvels and veers off the official path to visit the brothels, gambling and drinking dens which formed the other half of the Continental experience. Kevin McCloud presents Channel 4’s Grand Designs. He writes about architecture and is editor-at-large of Grand Designs magazine. He lives in W iltshire.

Travel, Adventure and Sightseeing; Cinema, TV and Theatre; Architecture Cased September 2009 £25.00 216pp 278 x 249mm 150 colour illustrations 978 0 297 85956 7 Markets: World USA, Translation & Serial: W&N


Belle de Jour Belle de Jour’s Guide to Men

A frank, funny and no-holds-barred guide to men, from the bestselling author – and former call girl – Belle de Jour Belle de Jour is a woman who’s met men of every conceivable type. And outside the one hour appointments, she’s also had her heart broken, picked herself up and put on another pair of stunning shoes and carried on. So sit back, relax and listen to what your friends are too polite to tell you. Whether you want to find men, lure them, ditch them, hitch them – here’s the lowdown. Belle de Jour is the nom de plume of a former London call girl. Despite the best endeavours of the press, she remains anonymous.

Gift, humour, self help Cased October 2009 £10.00 208pp 198 x 129mm 978 1 409 11384 3 Markets: World XUSA USA: Conville & Walsh Translation & Serial: Orion

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