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1 Editorial 4 The next issue of MPT 5 See How I Land: Oxford poets and exiled writers.

Poems by Dawood, Jamie McKendrick, Yousif Qasmiyeh and Bernard O’Donoghue 17 Yannis Ritsos, ‘Tombs of our Ancestors’, translated by Sarah

Kafatou 18 Yannis Ritsos, four poems, translated by Robert Hull 22 Berkan Karpat and Zafer Șenocak, ‘nâzim hikmet: on the

ship to mars’, translated by Tom Cheesman 40 Edith Södergran, four poems, translated by Mike Horwood 44 Ernst Stadler, two poems, translated by John Greening 46 ‘Gandhari’s Lament’, from the Mahabharata, translated by

Carole Satyamurti 52 Annemarie Austin, ‘Come the Thaw’ 54 F. Mehrban, two poems, translated by the author and Helen

Smith 58 Seamus Heaney, three ‘Freed Speeches’ from Aeneid VI 62 Archilochus, ‘The Cologne Epode’, translated by William

Heath 66 Sappho, Fragment 58, translated by John Morey 68 Shazea Quraishi, poems from The Courtesan’s Reply 75 Poems from Romania, translated by Adam Sorkin and

others 88 Marie Luise Kaschnitz, two poems translated by Harry

Guest 90 Amit Chaudhuri, ‘The Writers’ 91 Jazra Khaleed, three poems, translated by Peter Constantine 96 Mangalesh Dabral, three poems, translated by Sudeep Sen

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