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When Saturday Comes No 366 August 2017

Leigh Griffiths celebrates putting Scotland 2-1 up against England at Hampden Park

REGULARS 5 Editorial S a f e s t a nd i ng i s c lo s e r t h a n e ve r t o be i ng i nt r oduced t o t he Engl i sh g ame, t he r e s u l t of years of supporter campaigning 6 Sidelines B r i t a i n’s blo c k vote hold s up L aw prog r e s s ;

Hornets refuse to let managers nest; England C t he way f or wa rd ; Pe l é ’s l at e s t r i ng i ng endorsement; Gunners’ split opinions 12 Shot! The Champions League final, with all its star names and choreographed atmosphere, a r r i ve s at Ca rd i f f ’s Mi l l en n iu m St ad iu m 15 Harry Pearson column Young players must be nurtured, their selfesteem preserved, rather than smashing it out of them with pressure and expectation

You spend Sunday mornings with a spade and a bucket filling in rabbit holes with the mud from molehills Writers’ competition winners p26

24 Focus on Mick Channon, the Southampton star who thought he was above everybody 34 Euro view Medipol emergency in Turkey as minnows rise up; Spartak back on top in Russia, but problems persist ahead of the World Cup 36 World view Chinese clubs still have a magic money tree but their government won’t let them use it 40 Books Bela Guttman, the trailblazing manager who was hunted down by the Nazis; Premier League tactics explained; alternative histories 42 Letters Speaking of outfield players going in goal…

46 Season in brief A thrilling League of Ireland season which was as eventful off the pitch as on it, with the champions eventually relegated FEATURES 16 Youthful exuberance The FA’s new approac h t o coac h i ng t he i r

England age groups is paying off; Everton’s f lourishing academy faces a new challenge 18 Training complex It’s difficult to understand players who don’t enjoy practice sessions, but for many of them it is the worst part of the job


Next summer marks an unprecedented 20 years since Scotland reached a tournament. One more loss means elimination Scotland v England p20

19 Walk on Discovering the history of one of the game’s most endu r i ng t e r r ac e a nt hems 20 Match of the month Scotland are desperate for a win to keep their

World Cup hopes alive, but their oldest rivals s t a nd i n t he i r way at a s ubdued Hampden Pa rk 26 Writers’ competition winners Volunteering to coach a youth team is the most stupid thing you will ever do – and the be s t ; bu s d r i ve r s k now a l l t he i n s i de i n f o ; collecting stickers of a different variety 37 Beautiful freak The origins of one of football’s most overused cliches actually reveal a lot of about the sport 38 Surrey I haven’t a clue B e low Woking Su r r e y ’s e s t abl i shed power s are waning, with a new generation of clubs coming to dominate the local leagues

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