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Unmade in China The Hidden Truth about China’s Economic Miracle JEREMY HAFT Georgetown University If you look carefully at how things are actually made in China – from shirts to toys, apple juice to oil rigs – you see a reality that contradicts every widely-held notion about the world’s so-called economic powerhouse. From the inside looking out, China is not a manufacturing juggernaut. It’s a Lilliputian. Nor is it a killer of American jobs. It’s a huge job creator. Rising China is importing goods from America in such volume that millions of US jobs are sustained through Chinese trade and investment. In Unmade in China, entrepreneur and Georgetown University business professor Jeremy Haft lifts the lid on the hidden world of China’s intricate supply chains. Informed by years of experience building new companies in China, Haft’s unique, insider’s view reveals a startling picture of an economy which struggles to make baby formula safely, much less a nuclear power plant. Using firmlevel data and recent case studies, Unmade in China tells the story of systemic risk in Chinese manufacturing and why this is both really bad and really good news for America. 216 x 138mm / 288 pages / 2015 HB / 978-0-7456-8401-7 / £16.99 / $19.95 / €24.90 ebook available

China’s Coming War with Asia JONATHAN HOLSLAG Free University of Brussels ‘In China’s Coming War with Asia, Jonathan Holslag explains why a rising China cannot help but become a revisionist power. His analysis is nuanced and his tone is measured, but his conclusions are far-reaching, ominous, and compelling. The book is a must-read for anyone who wants to see beyond today’s headlines and get a glimpse of the more dangerous future that lies ahead.’ Stephen M. Walt, Harvard Kennedy School Asia is set for another great power war. As China’s influence spreads beyond its territorial borders and its global aspirations gain momentum, so tensions with its neighbours are reaching breaking point. In this clear-sighted book, Jonathan Holslag debunks the myth of China’s peaceful rise, arguing instead that China’s policy of shrewd intransigence towards other Asian countries will inevitably result in serious conflict. 216 x 138mm / 224 pages / 2015 HB / 978-0-7456-8824-4 / £50.00 / $69.95 / €67.90 PB / 978-0-7456-8825-1 / £14.99 / $19.95 / €20.90 ebook available

East Asia’s Reemergence PHILIP S. GOLUB American University of Paris ‘In contrast to other regions born of empire, East Asia has emerged as both the locus of hyper-advanced actors in global capitalism, and the source of the most significant counter-systemic challenge to it. Will the region survive these seeming contradictions, and what will be the effect on the rebalancing of global power? Philip Golub’s timely study provides a unique perspective on these contradictory trends, and illuminating answers to these questions. This is an eminently readable and intellectually stimulating study by one of the most astute observers of global trends.’ Philip Nel, University of Otago ‘Philip Golub’s book is an ambitious one, an attempt to make sense of the new global balance of power between the East and the West. His argument is based on a very insightful analysis of the rise of Asia in economic, strategic and geopolitical terms. A book to read at a time when some observers claim that emerging countries have lost their momentum and are unable to catch up. The historical dynamics say otherwise, and Golub makes this point convincingly.’ Christophe Jaffrelot, CERI-Sciences Po/CNRS. 229 x 152mm / 208 pages / 2016 HB / 978-0-7456-6465-1 / £55.00 / $69.95 / €73.90 PB / 978-0-7456-6466-8 / £16.99 / $24.95 / €24.90 ebook available

Is the American Century Over? JOSEPH S. NYE Harvard Kennedy School of Government For more than a century, the United States has been the world’s most powerful state. Now some analysts predict that China will soon take its place. Does this mean that the American century is over? Will China’s rapid rise spark a new Cold War between the two titans? In this compelling essay, world-renowned foreign policy analyst Joseph Nye explains why the American century is far from over and what the US must do to retain its lead in an era of increasingly diffuse power politics. America’s superpower status may well be tempered by its own domestic problems and China’s economic boom, he argues, but its military, economic, and soft power capabilities will continue to outstrip those of its closest rivals for decades to come. SERIES: Global Futures 190 x 124mm / 152 pages / 2015 HB / 978-0-7456-9006-3 / £40.00 / $64.95 / €53.90 PB / 978-0-7456-9007-0 / £9.99 / $12.95 / €13.90 ebook available

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