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The Ecologist

Volum e 2 9 N o 5 August/Septembe r 199 9



289 The Trouble With Transmitters

Robin Whitlock 291 Paradise Lost

Dorienne Robinson 293 The CAP Doesn't Fit

Ros Coward 295 Genetic Engineering: The View From New

Zealand Jeanette Fitzsimons 297 Now Monsanto Is After Our Water

Vandana Shiva

298 The Global Pastry Uprising

A political statement issued by the Biotic Baking Brigade.

300 Gulliver in Automobilia

Part II : Wherein the Author recounts his Observations on Agriculture. 302 News and Campaigns

Lucinda Labes June 18th reports; Airline pollution; Yanomami land grab; Free Trade oppression; Reverse eco-tourism; Radical clean air legislation in the Philippines; Solar energy resurgence. Features

306 The Wal-Martians Have Landed

Andrew Rowell Bloated US megamarket chain Wal-Mart, responsible for the destruction of communities and ecosystems across America, has arrived in Britain, with the blessing of the Blair government.

Cover Story Rebels Against The Future 310 The Achievements of 'General

Liidd' 314 Lessons From The Luddites

Kirkpatrick Sale recounts the history of the original Luddites, and explains what the modern environment movement can learn from their stand against destructive 'progress'.

318 Co-opting The UN

Joshua Karliner The UNDP's new 'GSDF' programme links the UN with some of the world's worst corporations, with the aim of 'bringing 2 million more people to the market' early next century. 322 The Unquiet

Voice of 'Silent Spring' Martin J. Walker Rachel Carson's 1962 book 'Silent Spring' helped give birth to the modern environment movement. But what was her real legacy?

326 Degrees of Involvement

Greg Muttit UK universities, rather than using their expertise to find solutions to climate change, are instead acting to prop up the oil industry. 330 Letters

331 Reviews

The Politics of Cancer Revisited by Dr Samuel Epstein, reviewed by Martin J Walker. Turbo Capitalism by Edward Luttwak, reviewed by Gard Binney Corporate Predators by Robert Weissman and Russell Mokhiber, reviewed by David Edwards.

The Ecologist, Vol. 29, No 5, August/September 1999