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VOLUM E 3 1 N O 9, NOVEMBE R 200 1


26 Education: on the ropes |

cover story

Although nobody seems to be noticing, the GATS treaty is handing control of education to private companies, reports Laurence Kalafltides. I n the UK, Accenture is keen t o be at the forefront. Solomon Hughes looks at its track record.

32 Free range Eigg

The Scottish island of Eigg has undergone dramatic land reforms over the past few years. Jake Bowers examines the results.

36 What goes around...

I n the first of a series, Lester Brown explains wh y the worl d needs t o stop seeing the economy as the centre of the universe and starting focusing o n ecology instead.

COMMENT 42 Linguistic guerilla warfare

Jeremy Seabrook criticises the insincerity behind multinationals' attempts t o appear green.

45 The reality principle

When supplies of oi l start t o dry up, writes David Fleming, ecological ideals wil l be translated int o economic necessities.

46 Europe: a new 'big idea'

Unless i t changes shape, writes Caroline Lucas MEP, the EU is structurally incapable of i t impossible for i t t o address environmental problems.

47 Fanaticism's falling towers

The recent acts o f terrorism should cause us t o rethink the current global agenda, writes Aidan Rankin.


Cover photography: AP Photos

48 The plane truth

cover story

Peter Bunyard examines the consequences o f an attack o n a nuclear power station.

50 A breath of fresh Aires

Sue Branford looks at a unique local economy working i n Buenos Aires.

51 Cage rage

Scottish sea cage farming is facing major problems, writes Don Staniford.

53 Self-imposed sanctions

India wants more market controls, no t fewer, i f i t is t o survive, explains Vandana Shiva.

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