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Thomas Hardy Half a Londoner Mark Ford “[Mark Ford] build[s] his case patiently, historically, in solid empirical sediments, beginning and ending with biography, a form often maligned or ignored in academic criticism. But Ford realigns our sense of Hardy, moving him from Wessex fields to London streets, and offering a transformed writer: less the time-torn pastoral tragedian than a painter of modern life.” —London Review of Books Belknap Press £22.95 | 9780674737891

A New Literary History of Modern China Edited by David Der-wei Wang “Editor David Der-wei Wang, a professor of Chinese and comparative literature at Harvard, offers 161 short and often sparkling essays by a multinational array of writers and academics”.

—Wall Street Journal Belknap Press £35.95 | 9780674967915

Literary Criticism A Concise Political History Joseph North “[A] bold, lively, engagingly polemical account of academic literary criticism in the Anglo-American world.” —Los Angeles Review of Books £31.95 | 9780674967731

Butterfly Politics Catharine A. MacKinnon “What comes together here— and what is fascinating about all of MacKinnon’s work—is a deep respect for aspects of the conventional world (the law, the value of scholarship) and an equally profound fury at the way in which these aspects also uphold many of the assumptions about the world that she takes to task. In this, it could be said, she is not unlike many of us. All respect to her for trying to find a way through this maze.” —Times Higher Education Belknap Press £23.95 | 9780674416604


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