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“While we lost as a team, it was the public that missed out” – BUSTER CHAPMAN


Set nights vital

SWINDON skipper Jason Doyle insists set race nights are a must if he’ s to continue racing in the SGB Pr emiership next season.

The Aussie icon races for three clubs involved in their championship play-offs. But while Zielona Gora in Poland and Rospiggarna in Sweden compete on Sundays and Tuesdays respectively, Robins and their rival clubs are in the middle of a frenetic run of fixtures.

Doyle races his sixth meeting in two weeks for the Robins at home to Wolverhampton tonight (Thursday) with further fixtures at Rye House and Wolves on Friday and Monday respectively.

Taking on Britain’s hectic summer schedule is hard enough at the best of times for the sport’s top riders, let alone a man who has been battling on with a broken foot for over two months.

There has been talk of Premiership clubs racing meetings on Mondays and Thursdays next season in a bid to guarantee rider availability.

It’s a move Doyle believes is essential. He said: “If they don’t go to Monday and Thursday next year, I won’t be riding in Britain – it’s as simple as that. I think this is the biggest problem in Britain at the moment. They’re throwing too many meetings into August.

us, there was no pressure. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

“The Lambert one took us all by surprise because if you watch heat 15, he had an unbelievable race. You could have thrown a blanket over the riders at the finish but he then didn’t come out for the second match.

“It could have proved the final spanner in the works but common sense prevailed and the match was won. It was agreed that they would run out of riders by heat 10 so we said it would finish at that stage.

“King’s Lynn did everything they could. There was a good crowd and it was one of those unfortunate things, the like of which I will probably never see again.

position, I’m feeling a lot happier where I am.

“Malilla was the real turning point for me. After that we’ve been on a roll, I scored a max in Sweden and broke the track record last week, won the Pairs meeting for Monster Energy with Chris Holder and now a win in Gorzow – it’s a sign of things to come.

“I’ve been building up to the win, it’s what I’ve been working on and I feel like I’m coming through like a steam train.”

Woffinden continued his stunning run of form by winning all six of his outings in Sunday’s Chain of Herb meeting in Ostrow.

He went through the card before beating Artem Laguta, Janusz Kolodziej and Przemyslaw Pawlicki in the final.


“I have run these doubleheaders before, some years ago we did it against Reading without incident. It is all down to luck on the night.

“It is all very well being wise after the event but hindsight is a wonderful thing, no one could have foreseen what would happen.

“I would have much rather have won against a full team. It was unfortunate but the public would have been annoyed whichever way it had gone.

“It was probably the best away following we have had all year, there was quite a cluster of Wolves fans up in the stand and in the end, I think it was the right decision to carry on.

“I hope we never have those circumstances again but you just have to deal with these things as they happen and it was the best option. It would have become more farcical to get to a cut-off date without the fixtures being finished.

“If you speak to neutrals, it was some of the best racing they have seen at King’s Lynn this year despite the scoreline. The effort the home riders put in belied their returns.”

On the night, Chapman moved to clarify the reasons behind Lambert’s withdrawal, saying: “Robert’s knee came up like a balloon. He was hobbling around at the end with a support on so it would not have been fair to ask him to ride.”


“I can’t remember the last time I had two days off – probably a month or two months ago. At the moment, you need to be race-fit, but not tired. Going into the Grand Prix, it’s another level.”

Doyle also took a thinly-veiled swipe at BSPA chairman Keith Chapman over his treatment of compatriot Chris Holder, which saw the 2012 World Champion sacked after refusing to ride an Adrian Flux Arena track he felt was dangerous against Poole on July 13.

Holder was handed a nine-month UK ban by the Speedway Control Bureau and Doyle was furious to see one of the Premiership’s senior riders views on track conditions completely disregarded.

He said: “There are a lot of things that need to be changed in British speedway. It hasn’t worked out this year and there are a lot of people who need to look at themselves and not the riders.

“What happened to Chris at King’s Lynn happened to me the year before there. We didn’t want to ride when the track was unsafe. Chris is the one who is riding the bike. He’s a very experienced person.

“The fans were let down by them not having a full team in this match, but the fact is Chris went home safe.”

Doyle and Holder were both far from happy with track conditions for the Darcy Ward Invitational at Poole in March, which was abandoned due to concerns over the surface.

After another high-profile track row in Britain, Doyle believes it’s time for the authorities to crack down on clubs who prepare substandard circuits.

He said: “When we come to Poland week in and week out, there’s a person who comes to the track and looks at it four hours before the meeting. They inspect it to make sure it’s 100 per cent ready for a league match.

“They need to do that in Britain. In Poland and Sweden, if the track isn’t suitable for racing, the club gets fined.

“I think we need to take a leaf out of the Poles’ and Swedes’ books. These tracks are perfect.”

There’s no doubt the level of Britain’s top flight has dropped since Doyle debuted in the Elite League with Poole in 2006. And he believes the drop in standard is posing safety worries.

He said: “We don’t only ride in Poland because of the money; we ride there because we know we’re safe and we have some good riders over here.

“We race against some riders in Britain and they are dangerous. I think this is down to the level dropping.”


n KIM Nilson has been named as the wild card for the Grand Prix in his home city of Stockholm on September 23.

The Leicester rider will wear the No. 16 race-jacket at the Friends Arena, with Jacob Thorssell and Filip Hjelmland being handed the reserve positions.

The referee will be Jesper Steentoft of Denmark.

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