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Devotion Patti Smith A work of creative brilliance may seem like magic – its source a mystery, its impact unexpectedly stirring. In this enchanting book Patti Smith offers an intimate account of the process of creativity, from first spark through final polishing. Why I Write Series

Hardback | £12.99 | 112 pages

The London Cage The Secret Histor y of Britain’s World War II Interrogation Centre Helen Fry In the heart of exclusive London, a secret prison was established in 1940 to elicit wartime intelligence from reluctant German prisoners. Helen Fry’s extraordinary research on the London Cage leads to sensational revelations. Hardback | £18.99 | 256 pages

True Stories & Other Essays Francis Spufford From the author of the best-selling novel Golden Hill, this inspired collection of essays explores the complicated relationships among story-telling, truthtelling, and the workings of the writer’s imagination. ‘One of the most original minds in contemporary literature.’ – Nick Hornby Hardback | £20.00 | 360 pages

Autumn Highlights

The Curious World of Samuel Pepys & John Evelyn Margaret Willes An in-depth look at the 17th-century diarists Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn, who also happened to be great friends. The result is a rich portrait of one of the most dramatic periods in English history. Hardback | £20.00 | 304 pages

Mob Town A Histor y of Crime & Disorder in the East End John Bennett Drawing on four centuries of archival history and featuring a fascinating cast of characters, this deliciously unsavoury volume is the first to reveal why London’s East End became synonymous with crime. Hardback | £18.99 | 360 pages

Jane Austen A Brief Life Fiona Stafford From the author of The Long, Long Life of Trees, this newly updated and graceful introduction to Jane Austen’s life and works offers a fresh and accessible perspective, discussing Austen’s six astonishing novels in the context of their time. Paperback | £8.99 | 184 pages


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