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Cover art direction Erica Weathers

Cover image André Carrilho

Heart of a spy: William Boyd on John le Carré 42

Couple’s retreat: John Gray on the Adam and Eve story 38

The Critics: Arts

51 Anna Leskiewicz on how the Japanese show Terrace House is reinventing reality TV 54 Television: Rachel Cooke is delighted to return to the world of Mitchell and Webb 55 Film: Ryan Gilbey gets grim autopsies and heavy metaphors in Taylor Sheridan’s Wind River. 55 Radio: Antonia Quirke recalls the best of Test Match Special

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57 Drink Nina Caplan 58 Down and Out Nicholas Lezard 59 Off the Record Tracey Thorn 60 The Fan Hunter Davies 61 Crossword, Subscriber of the Week, The Returning Officer and NS Word Games 62 The NS Q&A Conor McPherson

+What’s happening on

The promises and predictions of Brexiteers are collapsing A bleak assessment from the director of Open Britain

Why are social conservatives so triggered by John Lewis’s gender-neutral kids’ clothing? The backlash to removing “girls” and “boys” labels

“Arsène Wenger is like a painter standing too close to the canvas”

Ed Smith, page 36


Cartoons, photographs and illustrations by Alex Brenchley, André Carrilho, Sean Coen, Stavros Damos, Andrew Evans, Grizelda and Ian McGowan.

Graphics by Dan Murrell

Andrew Adonis: Labour will back a new Brexit referendum within six months George Eaton talks to the ex-minister and Labour peer

NS Podcast #232

Do we have to talk about Brexit? Helen and Stephen discuss Kezia Dugdale’s resignation and the future of Scottish Labour. Plus: the Brexit negotiations get serious.


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