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CONTENTS – VOL 167 NO 44 3-5 News 3 Quakers reap the benefits of evening

worship 4 German Friends seek end to military 5 ‘Respect, equality, goodwill to all’ 6 Living simply, preserving the invaluable

John Lewis 7 Comment

David Holdsworth and Nancy Irving 8-9 Letters 10-11 Cathedrals and caves: homecoming

Dave Dight 12-13 Arts 12 Gathering

Geoffrey Johnson 13 Quaker Theatre Company:

‘Now We Are Sixty’ Roger Iredale 14 Two worlds

Emily Ranken 15 Space to discover what Quakerism

means to me James Fox 16 Eye witness 17 Friends & Meetings

A very special issue… It is one of the world’s oldest monotheistic religions and it shares with Quakerism the belief that the divine relationship needs no human intervention. Judaism is the focus of our special issue on 27 November when we will look at it through the eyes of Quakers and Jews and those who are both. Guest editors for the issue will be Harvey Gillman, Stevie Krayer and Kurt Strauss. Stevie will tell the story of the Jewish festivals through her poetry, Harvey will look into the past for the historic links between Friends and Jews, and Kurt will be talking to modern Jewish Friends. We will have an article from a leading woman rabbi on the profound concept of Tikkun Olam (the repair of the world) and a renowned educationalist will take us through the many movements of his religion.

The issue will be the Friend’s contribution to interfaith relationships and to a deeper understanding of why the land of Israel has such powerful significance for Jews everywhere.

The issue will have a colour cover and we hope Meetings will share the issue with their local Churches Together and interfaith networks. It is available on a special prepublication offer of just 50p a copy in units of ten. Please use the order form on page 19.

Cover image: Wanstead Friends Meeting House. Photo: John Dash. See page 14.

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