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Orion Fiction Psychological suspense HB/ETPB January £12.99 304pp 978 1 4091 7202 4 / 978 1 4091 7588 9 eBook: £6.99 / 978 1 4091 7204 8 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 4091 7205 5 / 10 hrs

‘A terrific and original thriller, and a marvellous exploration of the psychology of menace – I loved it’ – Joanne Harris

Orion Fiction • January 2018


THE MosT oRiGiNal THRillER oF 2018.

you’d die for your family. but would you kill for them?

Family is everything.

So what if yours was being terrorised by a neighbour – a man who doesn’t listen to reason, whose actions become more erratic and sinister with each passing day? And those you thought would help – the police, your lawyer – can’t.

You become afraid to leave your family at home alone. But there’s nothing more you can do to protect them.

Is there?

• Fear is one of orion’s lead titles of 2018.

• Dirk will be in the uK for events.

‘its layers of paranoia and memories are brilliantly done to play on every parent’s deepest fears – including mine’ Fiona barton, bestselling author of The Widow

‘Fear shifts our moral codes. it makes us sympathetic to violent revenge, accessories to murder. Do we want the victim to survive? No, we don’t’ Herman Koch, bestselling author of The Dinner

Dirk Kurbjuweit is deputy editor-in-chief at German magazine Der Spiegel. He is the author of seven critically acclaimed novels, many of which have been adapted for film, TV and radio in Germany. Fear is the first to be translated into English.


Location: Berlin, Germany